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Twenty years of quality, service, and protection.

A Mid-Atlantic resource since 1985, Bunn offers business and personal insurance lines. Helm & Hue has streamlined Bunn’s brand identity, creating a unified color and font palette, and has overseen its print and digital communications for the last four years. In 2019, we completed a full redesign and relaunch for Bunn’s flagship website.

Parady Realty Group

Building a Richmond realty powerhouse.

Stephanie Parady and her team at Parady Realty Group have been top performers in Richmond's thriving real-estate market. They needed a brand that reflected their deep understanding of — and appreciation for — the Richmond community. Helm & Hue was tasked with crafting a full brand identity and subsequent materials, communications, and functional deliverables like property signage and business cards. Helm & Hue also created custom, scalable, Richmond-themed patterns and a full set of identity guidelines for future use.

Helm & Hue continues to serve as a print production resource for ongoing needs, including business cards, signage, and stationery materials.


Good for bodies, good for environments.

Richmond-based Bright Body stands alone as the only skincare retailer committed to using ingredients rated as safest by the Environmental Working Group. With its passion for product safety and strict ingredient research, Bright Body boasts a product line of vegan, 100% organic, zero-waste products for face, body, and hair—none of which have been tested on animals.

Helm & Hue built a brand centered on simplicity, authenticity, sustainability, and natural ingredients. We crafted the product labels for Bright Body’s original product line, which continues to guide product design, and produced initial product labels, pop-up banner, and business card sets.


Streamlining internal communications.

CapTech Consulting needed an internal tool for its teams to maximize clarity and streamline communications. Helm & Hue worked alongside the verbal brand strategists at Zuula to build a bespoke solution that fit the bill. We created a navigable digital publication that outlines verbal tone, grammar, punctuation and communication guidelines for all "CapTechers" to follow.


A bespoke solution for medical professionals.

BellaHealth is a new agency led by an experienced team of healthcare professionals who knew that offering a professional brand and design experience would be essential for its success in attracting (and retaining) quality healthcare talent and clients. Helm & Hue created a branded website that reflects BellaHealth’s values and qualifications.


Stability and experience for new parents at home.

RVA Baby provides knowledgeable, comprehensive in-home care for newborns and infants as well as their parents. It offers services such as weight checks, lactation support, environmental assessments, post-natal depression screening, and more. Helm & Hue was tasked with developing RVA Baby’s brand, stationery suite and services brochure, and fully responsive.

We crafted the brand with a color palette that serves all genders, soft typography, and custom illustration of the RVA Baby mascot, Sampson. Our custom artwork helped craft the foundation of RVA Baby's printed materials and responsive website.


Environmental graphics for a new community space.

Helm & Hue installed large-format graphics for the Heights Church in Richmond's West End, helping the organization achieve a warm, welcoming message that offers an on-brand experience that spoke to long-term members while attracting a new community-based following.


Solidifying a position in thought leadership.

Murphy & McGonigle offers substantial experience in securities law, regulatory enforcement and investigations, and counseling for financial institutions. Helm & Hue assisted Kelley Communications with printing the firm’s 2018 “Looking Forward” publication and led the design for 2019.


Creative support for real-estate management.

This regional property powerhouse has relied on Helm & Hue for the design and print production of communication materials like brochures and rack cards to street signage and privacy frosting for tenant locations.


Building a thriving community of entrepreneurs.

From startups and small businesses to enterprise teams and entrepreneurs, Gather provides the right space for organizations to work, grow, and flourish in a well-designed community collective. Helm & Hue serves as a print resource for Gather, overseeing and installing all privacy frost film for offices and conference rooms, produces various printing projects, and occasionally offers insight or communications and marketing design.

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