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Kamana Health

Streamlining and $18B industry running on Excel sheets and Post-it notes.


The healthcare employment marketplace has historically been fragmented, inefficient, and wrought with risky, insecure communication methods. Both employees and employers are bogged down with disorganized, days-long processes that delay onboarding, ultimately costing hospitals time and money while harming patient outcomes. Enter Kamana: a platform that offers healthcare staffing agencies and professionals a simple, secure tool to quickly and efficiently manage credentialing, onboarding, and contract submittals. Kamana uses a fully encrypted, mobile-first progressive web app that prioritizes usability.


Our brand development began with market research and competitor analysis to inform naming strategy, brand identity development, and visual guideline creation. From there, we generated product, platform, and workflow design, and creation of a unified communication strategy, website, and marketing approach.


We initially completed beta testing, collection and incorporation of user feedback, iterative design evolution, and mobile-first site design and development.


Creating an onboarding + credential management solution for healthcare professionals and agencies.

  • Strategy

    Visual Identity

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

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